Technical Grants Advisor

A Professional Grant Writer

Builds your Business

Prof. Shelli McAlpine has 25 years experience in grant writing

Prof. Shelli McAlpine's EXPERTISE

  • Identifying opportunities

  • Drafting grants

  • Building budgets

  • Editing grants

  • Gathering supporting documentation

  • Submissions


Grant Writing Qualifications

  • Listed Awardee on grants totaling $12,000,000

  • Written over 150 successfully funded grants in 25 years

  • Written and Published over 100 papers and a book (in Science and Technology)

  • Written a patent and several provisional patents (in Science)


  • 2 years as a Technical Grants Writer for Businesses and Professors

  • 10 years as Professor writing grants to support research at the UNSW, Sydney

  • 10 years as Professor writing grants to support research at San Diego State University, USA

  • 3 years as a Post-doc researcher at Harvard University, USA (Chemical Biology)

  • Ph.D. from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA, (Chemistry)

  • B.Sc. from University of Illinois, (UIUC) USA (Chemistry)


"It's the clarity that keeps me going back to Shelli for advice; the knowledge that I can go into the conversation confused and overwhelmed with a thousand thoughts, fears and ideas yet always come out reassured and confident with a clear plan of attack."

"I really appreciate the fact that Shelli offers really pragmatic advice to immediately start resolving issues but at the same time helps me prepare for different future scenarios."

"She has provided invaluable guidance through grant writing."

"Shelli brings a wealth of lived experience, expertise, skill and passion to her career. This is underpinned by her deep commitment to help people find their unique course in life and reach their own full potential. She has a strong understanding of the challenges faced by women across different career stages, and has helped clients/colleagues such as myself to move through both the perceived and real barriers, to create a more fulfilling, successful and enjoyable career. "