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Prof. Shelli McAlpine has 25 years experience in grant writing 

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“Grants are so important for any business. But, they are often overwhelming to wrap your mind around. They are often incredibly complex, require a deep knowledge, are time sensitive and require a level of past experience to do well. Shelli McAline is the best grant writer we’ve used. Shelli is competent, kind, communicative, supportive and hard working. There is literally no-one else we would choose to use when applying for a grant.”

Mike Gore and Joce Goto, Co-Founders of Charitabl.  Website: 

Shelli's professionalism, dedication, and expertise were evident from the start, as she was highly responsive to our needs, took the time to thoroughly understand our business, and crafted a compelling narrative for our application. Her eloquent writing style, attention to detail, and punctuality in meeting deadlines greatly contributed to the quality of our grant submission. Shelli's genuine interest in our company's mission and processes, along with her ability to effectively communicate our story, made her invaluable for our MVP submission. I wholeheartedly recommend Shelli to any business seeking a grant consultant who will go above and beyond to help secure the funding they need to thrive.

Andre Dean Smith, CEO and Founder of ScreenApp.IO. Website: 

“Professor Shelli is phenomenal.  Bid writing is an understatement by title. She has an innate commercial sensibility regarding risk and opportunities of grant writing and applications. She is a partner for start ups, regarding all things surrounding grant process and funds. ”

Julie Leung, Founder of Powerblocks. Website: 

Professor McAlpine was a pleasure to work with from the very first conversation throughout the entirety of the process. She took great care in understanding our business and why we believed we were a match for the MVP Ventures Program. Shelli did a masterful job of crafting the narrative around the information provided giving us the best opportunity to receive funding. At this stage of a business, there are a multitude of questions and competing priorities, and Professor McAlpine streamlined our approach in both a thoughtful and deeply consider way."

Aaron Deutsch Founder of Kidly App.    Website: 

“Shelli has been absolutely incredible to work with. As a start up business, we felt so well prepared when applying for the MVP grant, as Shelli is extremely knowledgeable, personable and passionate about her work. You are in great hands with Shelli! We can’t wait to work together again" 

Dr Dani Antonellos, Osteoptha Educator and podcast host., and Paul Xydis, Founders of My Training Space. Website: 

"Shelli was great to work with. She has great knowledge in the space and will be able to support you along the way. I highly recommend Shelli for your MVP Grant if you want more confidence and ease of process.”  

Philippe Hong, Director and Founder Raw Studio Website: 

"The MVP grant application had been on my "to do" list for too long. I knew I needed the grant money - but the thought of all those forms, the fine print, and, let's face it, the bureaucracy - it was scary!!! So it kept going to the bottom of the pile even though I knew it was important. Enter Shelli. She immediately whipped things into shape, carried the weight for me and kept me to a tight schedule to get my paperwork submitted within weeks (think personal trainer for grant applications)! I highly recommend Shelli for anyone looking to get their grant application off their "to do" list and get the cash in the bank.”  

Rachel Gatehouse, CEO and Founder of Clydestreet        Website: 

I had the pleasure of working with Shelli on a business grant application and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Shelli is an exceptional business grants writer who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. She is organized, detail-oriented, and has a wealth of unique experience to draw upon. I highly recommend Shelli to anyone in need of a top-notch business grants writer.

Paul McCarthy, CEO and Founder of League of Scholars. website: 

Having learnt that the NSW Government had made available a grant to support new technical start-up companies I needed to take  advantage of this opportunity but the paperwork and application process was a mine field. I was referred to Shelli to undertake the application process on my behalf which made the entire project a breeze given her expertise and knowledge in this space and can totally recommend her services for any such undertaking"


Mark Andre, CEO and Founder. Clean Task Solutions Pty Ltd 

"Honoured to share my positive experience with Business Grant Advisors. Their expert assistance was invaluable in helping me complete a grant application for my business. From the initial consultation to the final submission, with awesome speed. No BS, and ultra transparent.  Will Definitely get into contact with Shelli about future grants, Thanks Legend!"  

David Eid, Founder of Reknighted.  Website: 

"Shelli was referred to me by a trusted business colleague to write a grant application. From start to finish it has been a positive experience. She is dedicated, and has an excellent work ethic and expertise. Added to this were the fast and detailed replies to my many emails and phone calls. She is an expert adviser and grant writer whom I warmly recommend."  

Jeremy Curran, Founder of Red Soda. Website: 

"Shelli brings a wealth of lived experience, expertise, skill and passion to her career. This is underpinned by her deep commitment to help people find their unique course in life and reach their own full potential. She has a strong understanding of the challenges faced by women across different career stages, and has helped clients/colleagues such as myself to move through both the perceived and real barriers, to create a more fulfilling, successful and enjoyable career. " 

Professor, University of Sydney

"It's the clarity that keeps me going back to Shelli for advice; the knowledge that I can go into the conversation confused and overwhelmed with a thousand thoughts, fears and ideas yet always come out reassured and confident with a clear plan of attack."  

Professor, UNSW